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Konten [Tampil]

Hi, Stranger!
From the beginning I shouldn't let you come to my life.
I'm too easy to accept, because I think you do well, and I think we will never go so far.
I think you come to me just to tell a story, and it turns out until now you feel comfortable being around me.

I realize at the first time you came to me when you ended up the relationship with your girlfriend, didn't you?
I think it's just a sense of comfort when I could be a good listener for you, no more.
I thought we were not going far, until you dare to call me "dear".
OH! We are only a friend so far I only assume you as a brother. Our relationship is nothing more than this.
It's big NO. I don't appreciate your feelings. However, until now I don't have any feelings. I don't know what will happen later, who knows? Only God knows.
We have different distances, and though we never meet. You are just a stranger and you are dangerous. Maybe...

I'm not an easy person who will say the word love to anyone and to you who are only a "stranger" who come since the time that I've forgotten. Oh, I didn't forget! You came when you broke up with your girlfriend? Right?
Ah, I'm tired of you who are too imposing my feelings.

Hi i am Fatimah | 5 September 1996 | Love the color blue, pink, and white | Love Elmo very much | Lets make friends with me ❤

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